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You can read off the tire size on the sidewall of the tires or read the operating instructions for your vehicle.


Tire Approval

Tire Approval

What Is Tire Approval?

When shopping for new tires, one common concern is whether you can fit any tire as long as it has the same diameter as the rims. Well, the procedure is a little more difficult than that. Then, you must determine whether or not they have tyre approval.

This is because not every tyre can be used with every vehicle. Tire approval is a required step in the buying process to ensure vehicle safety and performance, as well as to save your pocketbook from any extra charges down the road.

Tire approval is a document that specifies whether a new set of tyres may be used with your vehicle. It is sometimes referred to as a clearance certificate.

How to get tire approval

Where can you obtain current tyre approval information? This information is already included in your car registration paperwork. The codes mentioned below will indicate the proper sizes and rims for your vehicle.

If the parameters of the potential new tyre, such as size and rims, aren't included in your vehicle's documentation, you won't be able to install them until a clearance certificate is given. This certificate may be issued by the vehicle manufacturer, tyre manufacturer, or an authorized testing facility.

To expedite the procedure, call your local tyre dealer and provide the following information from your car documentation:

  • Vehicle manufacturer and model
  • Vehicle class
  • Initial registration
  • Power in kW
  • Top speed
  • Front and rear axle loads

Again, be certain that your new tyres are suitable with your vehicle and are permitted for usage within the restrictions outlined above. It is critical to install your vehicle with certified tyres for your safety and happiness.