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You can read off the tire size on the sidewall of the tires or read the operating instructions for your vehicle.


Football sponsoring

Football sponsoring

Football sponsoring

Football's partner for generations.

Since the first involvement as a football sponsor in 1995 (UEFA Champions League™), Continental has extended its engagement to international football.

Continental has always been a synonym for the combination of controlled thrill and safe defense. Just as football itself, we guarantee breathtaking moving performance with a perfect strategy. Including national teams as well as world-class football leagues such as UEFA qualifiers™, UEFA EURO™ and of course the FIFA World Cup™, our sponsoring has come a long way.

And it doesn't stop at the big games. Or gender questions. As one of the first active sponsors of international women's football, Continental backs up teams from the US, UK and Ireland in this once so male-dominated field.

All that makes one important point: our conspicuous appearance in football is not merely a question of sheer product placement but of Continental's real passion for sports. In 2005, we even initiated our football platform, where all our engagement and relevant football information is bundled.



The ContiWarmUp is one of those safe ways to get there. It is your "warm up lap" before the big race on the field, bringing you to the optimum operating temperature, just like a tire would. Developed in cooperation with numerous prestigious football trainers, it shows you how to warm up safely and avoid injuries during the game. So start moving for a thrilling and safe game, provided thoughtfully by Continental.