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Here is what happens when you leave your car under the sun in hot weather

car under the sun in hot weather

When was the last time you opened your car door on a hot summer day and an instant heat wave blasted in your face? Your car could become a potential oven under the sun during summers, which could damage both interior as well as the exterior of the car.

From interior to car tyres, here is a look into the most vulnerable parts of the car, which could be effected by the hot weather resulting into unnecessary repairs and devaluation of your fancy vehicle. 


car parked under the sun

In his awareness campaign, Chef Matt Moran baked a whole steak in a car parked under the sun. The campaign was designed to educate people about how harmful it can be to leave kids inside the car during summers. Click here, to watch the video 

According to a study conducted by the San Jose university the temperature inside a closed car with a basic gray interior can rise up to 62˚C in an hour when it’s 38˚C outside. This sort of heat can cause serious damage to your interior resulting in a cracked dashboard and decaying seat covers. 


Car scratches

We all love a shiny car exterior and go to great lengths to protect it from dust or scratches. That’s because not only does your exterior play a vital role in determining the car’s resale value but it is also the first thing anyone is going to notice about your car. While we do a great job at protecting the exterior from the visible threats, there is an invisible enemy that can eat through the protective clear coat causing paint to oxidize and fade. The UV rays emitted from the sun have a shorter wavelength making them invisible to the human eye but they pack quite a punch. 


Damaged Battery

Your battery is yet another component that can easily get damaged in the summers as it is powered by water and acid. The excessive exposure to heat can evaporate the water leaving lead plates exposed. This weakens the battery even faster and by the time weather cools down, it would no longer have the amperage required to start the car.  


Engine run out

Leaving your car exposed under the sun in higher temperatures makes the engine run out of important fluids and lubricants quicker than in winters. This could lead to engine seizures and other severe engine problems. Changing the engine oil at regular intervals and frequently checking water levels in your radiator during the summers can save you a lot of trouble. 


Tire in Hot summer


Living in hot regions like KSA means your car is going to face additional challenges during the summers and your car tyres are no exception. The high temperatures can dry out the rubber making them weaker. The direct sunlight exposure for a prolonged period causes ozone cracks on the sidewalls and tread area of the tires which can lead to dangerous incidents such as a blowout. Furthermore, the heat can increase the tyre pressure causing irregular wear on the tread area causing noise and vibration which results into an uncomfortable driving experience. Keep your tyres cool and be sure to check the air pressure every now and then.

Keep it cool!

protect your car from sun damage


The most practical and effective way to protect your car from sun damage is to park it under the shade which not only helps in keeping the it cooler but a physical barrier also blocks out 100% of the UV rays. A research published in the journal “temperature” concludes that the vehicles parked under the shade are 16˚F cooler than those that are left under the sun. Use shades and other accessories available in the market if you cannot park in a garage to keep the sun from damaging your car.