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ContiSportContact 3 Continental Best Car Tires

ContiSportContact 3

Superb braking performance for real high performance cars

Why Choose this Tire?

  • Excellent protection against aquaplaning

  • Shorter stopping distances on dry and wet roads

  • Excellent safety when driving at speed


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Technical Details

Excellent safety when driving at speed.

The asymmetric tread ribs are designed to absorb the considerable forces acting on the tires when driving at high speeds, making abrupt manoeuvres or when the road surface changes. This ensures the vehicle maintains good adherence to the road and allows for agile steering precision.

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Excellent protection against aquaplaning

The unique grooves allow increased clearance of water for better resistance to aquaplaning.

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Shorter stopping distances on dry and wet roads

The tread Pattern rib provide outstanding braking capability and steering precision by absorbing the forces exerted on braking, which means reduction in stopping distance.

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