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Follow your passion and be motivated by the new SportContact 7


All people have dreams. They give meaning to life and influence our decisions. Because we need to innovate and push the envelope in order to improve society and the environment. At Continental, we believe that confidence in our skills, direction, and future is the key to success. Our hope is that the new SportContact 7 tire will give you the same assurance to go after your goals. Tell us about your dream.



We inquired the team about their life goals and what motivates them. You can read their uplifting responses here:

I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in the technical field one day. I created my own Lego technic vehicles when I was in primary school.

As the project leader for the SportContact 7's development, I had a vision of bringing a safe, sporty, and fun tire to the roads. Technologically, sport tire development is at the forefront of research and development. I believe we were successful.

As a person concerned about the environment, I hope to be able to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the fight against climate change through my work. Sustainability is critical. Yes, even sports tires can make a difference here.

Marcel is Project Leader for SportContact 7 at Continental

I enjoy cycling, being outside in any weather, enjoying nature, and discovering new places, whether on my mountain bike, road bike, or gravel bike. However, rising CO2 emissions are endangering our environment.

As a result, my dream is for more environmentally friendly mobility. I try to ride my bike and take public transportation as much as possible. It's also encouraging to see how far e-mobility has come. Let us take the importance of reducing emissions seriously and make our transportation more environmentally friendly!

Marie Christin is Social Media Manager at Continental

My friends and coworkers know that I am a huge car fan. Today, my hobby has become my profession.

I had only one dream as a child: I wanted to drive an automobile like my father. He drove a Mercedes-Benz W123 in gold.

Even as a young man, my dreams revolved around automobiles. The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing is my absolute dream car. A one-of-a-kind, timeless design and cutting-edge driving performance. A vehicle for all time. Unfortunately, it is priceless.

As a perfectionist and performance-oriented driver, I also fantasize about another car brand that is significant in my life: Porsche. Porsche, particularly the 911 Targa GTS, represents automotive perfection to me.

Keywan Nowzohour is Account Manager at Continental

Disruptive technologies are transforming the mobility landscape at an unprecedented rate.

As someone who works with mobility technologies, I am excited to investigate the endless possibilities for how we can revolutionize the future of mobility. Working at Continental, a company that has shaped the mobility landscape for over 150 years, fills me with pride and responsibility.

In a single magical word, I would express my desire for future mobility: "ACCESS"!!! (Autonomous, Connected, Comfortable, Electrified, Sustainable and Safe). I believe that ensuring "ACCESS" is critical for the future of mobility, and this is what I strive for.

Akhil is Development Engineer, R&D/Connected Tire-Technologies & Analytics at Continental.

For me, the car represents independence and freedom - it's much more than just getting from point A to point B. Emotions are significant.

As a competitive driver, I hope that in the future, cars will be allowed to retain emotional characteristics. Even though signs point to e-mobility and the speed limit on highways is higher than ever. A dream car, in my opinion, must be unattainable; otherwise, it is no longer a dream car. The Mercedes SLS AMG is an icon in my eyes. Sporty, timeless, and heritage-based design, exceptional driving dynamics, and an emotional V8 engine that will never be built again.

Philipp is Product Manager U-UHP Summer Tires at Continental

Over the last century, mobility has been critical to the advancement of our cultures. Making sustainable mobility in the air, on water, and on land is a daunting task.

The engineer in me hopes that we can all keep our cool at the 'ignition point' of a new era in order to chart the best course for a sustainable future. This must be based on scientific knowledge.

Simultaneously, as a human being, I hope that we all walk this path together, regardless of origin, social background, or other characteristics. We require not only our head, but also our heart, which guides us in the right direction.

Angelo is Section Manager & Test Engineer at Continental

I've been fascinated by the sound of a car starting since I was a child. The pulsating noise of a high-horsepower engine raises my blood pressure.

As a car enthusiast, one of my lifelong dreams of working in the automotive industry was realized thanks to Continental Reifen. With the challenges our planet is facing, I believe it is our responsibility to provide cleaner air for future generations to breathe.

As a person who cares about the environment, my dream is to achieve the highest performance with our products while causing no harm to the environment.

Anuj works at Continental as a Tire Development Engineer.

My all-time favorite vehicle as a child was a Mercedes 500 SL from the late 1970s. Many years later, I valued the extra room my station wagon provided for road trips. Today, I make every effort to commute by train or bicycle.

My dream as an enthusiastic amateur photographer is to embark on a sustainable around-the-world photo expedition to capture as many impressions of nature and wildlife as I can, including whale watching at sea, the northern lights in Finland, volcanic eruptions in Iceland, Africa's 'Big Five,' the thrilling coast of Vietnam, and the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.

Head of GTT Grip & Customer Support, Stefan

Many people bring up electric cars when discussing the state of mobility in the future. They will certainly become significant, but to me, they are just a small piece of a much larger picture.

I am an avid cyclist, and my dream is to be able to travel anywhere safely on cycle paths. There won't be any more potholes, abrupt path changes, or nimble overtaking maneuvers by heavier, faster vehicles. Whether I'm riding to the store, commuting to work, or simply exploring the outdoors with my friends and family.

Felix is Sport Sponsorship Manager at Continental

Our mobility solutions will undoubtedly change 'dramatically' in the future, there is no doubt about that. Because they need to become much more sustainable, safer, and comfortable.

I hope as a father that we can make the required changes in a timely manner.

I hope Continental can significantly contribute to this as a Conti employee.

And as a designer, I hope that the mobility solutions of the future will be just as emotive as my 1984 while also being svelte and practical. 911 Porsche

At Continental, Peter Bogenschütz is in charge of industrial design tires.


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